Buying Vs Leasing: Which Is Best For You?

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At Crown Kia of Dublin, we know that purchasing a new vehicle can be exciting. However, it can also be daunting at times with the choice between a car loan or a car lease and all of the questions that come along with it. What are the differences between a car lease or an auto loan? Which one is best for me? Is one better than the other?

We want to help our customers answer these questions and ensure that they make the best choice to fit their budget. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of these auto finance options, then schedule a test drive at our Kia dealership and find your dream car.

Discover Car Loan Advantages At Your Local Car Dealership In Columbus, OH

The first option that you have when purchasing a new vehicle is getting an auto loan to finance it. This is a common choice when it comes to buying a new car and there are good reasons why. The main reason is that after the loan amount is paid and the car loan term is over, you will own the vehicle outright. This leads to many other advantages of auto financing options, including the ability to customize it however you choose. So, you can really make your car match your personality.

Another big advantage is that you'll have the opportunity to sell the car whenever you would like. The car is yours to do what you want with. An auto loan is also a great option when you want to own the car for a long period of time and possibly pass it down to other members of your family. For those who are wary of driving a vehicle that doesn't belong to them, knowing you'll eventually own the car can even lead to peace of mind while driving.

Learn more about the advantages of auto finance options at Crown Kia of Dublin. Visit the preferred car dealership in Columbus today.

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Learn More About Car Lease Advantages At Your Columbus, OH Kia Dealership

As with purchasing a car with an auto loan, there are many amazing advantages to opting for a car lease. Most of the advantages could result in drivers paying less money in the short run, including the possibility of a lower down payment and less sales tax.

Also, when you lease a car, you are paying for the depreciation of that vehicle which typically leads to lower monthly payments than if you were purchasing the vehicle. When you lease a new vehicle, you are getting a vehicle within the first years of its life and you can generally drive a car you couldn't otherwise own. This is great for those drivers who like to be up to date with their vehicle or who like to change their vehicle every few years.

With a lease, you don't have to worry about the resale value, because once the lease term is up, you just simply return the vehicle to the dealership and they take it over from there. Your car lease would also be covered by a warranty for the duration of the lease term, which means fewer dollars spent on maintenance costs.

In the short run, a car lease requires you to pay less. So, make the short trip to Crown Kia of Dublin – a premier Kia dealership in Columbus serving Delaware and Powell, OH.

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